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Oxnard is a place rarely seen or understood by those who don’t live here. When you drive down the 101 through Santa Barbara and past Ventura you’re greeted by an expanse of farmland. “Between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara” is what people say, or “north of Malibu” if you’re trying to impress someone. A four-day trek through the Santa Monica Mountains up the coast, where the mountains become the sea, where the strawberries grow.

When you see PJ’s Bikini bar and the Santa Clara Chapel along the old Camino Real, you will know where we are from. When the  aroma of strawberry wafts in through your car vent and is quickly punctuated by the smell of manure, you’ll know where we are from. The idea of synergy plays in my mind. Meeting with others at a time and place for a short time, existing there, then moving on—but documenting that, and letting it live in a container that’s easily accessible to people looking for community—filling voids, finding trap doors leading into open spaces, telling the stories of this region, the mundane and the daily depicted in some sort of beauty.
Everything I do is a collaboration between artists and an homage to the past. I understand and acknowledge the bias that I can bring to the process of publishing, curating and contributing to a visual language. I am here to serve the community and I am always listening, I acknowledge that a lot of times I don’t know.  It’s an interesting moment creating something that wouldn’t come about without you. I am are aware of the space I take and the products I create. The zines I publish are meant to be ephemera.

Ephemera and documentation of ephemera, a realization that there is a lack of good historical resources that will endure the ether of the internet. many people don’t think of the impact print is still having on our society. I want to be able to bring people together to communicate visually with a complimentary vernacular.