Disconnection is a collection of images that shows how technology has connected our culture through an idea that does not exist. The internet is everywhere and the internet is nowhere. Technology has connected others more than ever, yet people are increasingly disconnected from reality. The human interaction that was once commonplace has now been reduced to numbers on a screen. This body of work shows the false sense of connection technology has given us. A journey of denial, liberation and acceptance of what is the new norm.


El Rio: The Holiest Place on Earth

The streets of El Rio are branded with the names Cortez, Corsicana, Alvarado, and other sixteenth century European conquistadores. This acts as a constant reminder to the majority Mexican-American population of the brutal history and oppression that came along with conquest and the colonization of the Americas. This idea is perpetuated with the disproportionate amount of “religious-charitable“ property holdings, or churches. Historically religion has been used as a means to control large populations of people. The word colonialism has been washed of its negative connotation within the...